Our Beers

Ivori sör képe


Foreign Extra Stout

 Europian Beerstar Award

Real black beer with velvety, creamy foam. Cold roasted coffee, smoky scents and flavors are dominant. As the beer warms up a light chocolate flavor can be tasted.

Uluru sör képe


Australian wheat

 Europian Beerstar Award

Named after the mystical Australian Red Rock, the uniquely flavored Uluru beer is made out of unstrained wheat beer. Dry-hopping is rarely used in the process of brewing wheat beer, yet it is how we have created this unique, exiting, untraditional flavor.

Ivori sör képe


American IPA

An IPA made out of top quality ingredients with an intense citrus and flower aroma. Due to the dry fermentation process, the aroma and scent of the hops is dominant rather than the sweetness of the malt.

Ivori sör képe


Imperial IPA

A unique IPA with a full body and high alcohol content. Due to dry-hopping, the aromas are intense. The high alcohol content is not overwhelming and gently blends into the flavor.

Tropical Swinger Club sör


Fruit IPA

2018 NEW!

What happens if 11 kinds of fruit are mingled in a bottle? The result is a real flavor explosion. The basis for this beer is given by a great IPA but the tropical fruitiness and freshness dominates the flavor. Of course this is still a beer not a juice!

Ivori sör képe


American Pale Ale

This light beer to remind us of Spring time with its peachy scent. It is made by using a new generation German aroma hop (Calista), which can easily compete with the intense aroma of the American hops.

Ivori sör képe


English Bitter

With this English beer we express our adoration for Monthy Python. It has bitter taste but not intrusive, the aroma of malt keeps it in balance. The slight caramel flavor makes it even more exciting.

Ivori sör képe


East Coast IPA

A version of the traditional IPA in which the beer is not fermented too much allowing the sweetness of the malt to dominate rather than the bitterness that is usually describes this type.


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