Magyarország 23 díjjat hozott el a dublini sörversenyről

A kőbányai regionális híradó részletesen beszámolt a dublini sörversenyen elért óriási magyar sikerről és átalában a magyar kézműves sörök nemzetközi sikereiről.


Our Philosophy

cold beer

"We are working hard with quality equipment and excellent ingredients. By not compromising we are able to distribute only the kind of beers that even we would drink with pleasure.

We are not ashamed of asking for advice or opinion and don’t let business goals overwrite our values. While we agree that a healthy competition is important, we like to believe that only cooperation can make business model successful. "


H-1106 Budapest,
Maglodi Road 47.
Open: 9am-5pm
+36 30 388 7434