Visit Our Brewery!

We strive to maintain a personal contact with our consumers who follow and support us during big turning points, or are just simply curious about us. To do this, Facebook is a really useful tool, as here you can follow our day to day activities and events.


To reflect the above, after catching our breath following each brewing session, we will be offering special free guided tours along with beer tasting for some of our lucky Facebook followers – bring your plus one!

Such tours will be designed to have an intimate atmosphere where you can take your time to get to know us, to learn about the art of beer brewing and ask questions about anything else you would like to know about the brewing industry, without in being rushed.

The HopTop Brewery Team is looking forward to meet you!

Our Philosophy

cold beer

"We are working hard with quality equipment and excellent ingredients. By not compromising we are able to distribute only the kind of beers that even we would drink with pleasure.

We are not ashamed of asking for advice or opinion and don’t let business goals overwrite our values. While we agree that a healthy competition is important, we like to believe that only cooperation can make business model successful. "


H-1106 Budapest,
Maglodi Road 47.
Open: 9am-5pm
+36 30 388 7434