IGNORE campaign!

Several international organizations: International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC; United Nations – UN; UNICEF warn that blockades in Yemen may lead to serious food shortages, if food-aid is regularly prevented from reaching Yemen

7 million people living there are sentenced to starve to death.


Because of a personally affected (Szami Ali Rawech, the owner of our brewery is of Yemeni origin from his father´s side who is also affected ) we would like to draw people´s attention to the present situation in Yemen. As a small company we have limited resources to help, but we want to do everything we can within our reach. 


Even on it’s best days, Yemen is one of the poorest country in the world and now with the food shortage people need to stand up and help.

We believe in humanity!

Even if it's horrific, just try to imagine what would happen if this many people would vanish in Hungary. Most of the world would probably go on as normal, without even noticing what happened. In such a scenario we have to be compassionete and follow our moral compass.

Our best tool is to strongly raise awareness!

The essence of the campaign is that HopTop Brewery created an individual bottle which will contain no beer in order to symbolise the great void people in Yemen are experiencing. Behind this "product" as odd as it sounds there is a clear concept! The empty bottles are to symbolise the severe hunger, thirst and hopelessness of the Yemeni people. Texts and illustrations on the labels also aim to support this goal.

The bottles cost only 50 cent which will be distributed at locations that have joined the campaign. At certain places bottles will be exhibited only and labels will be available to buy. Since the food-aid is ready to be delivered, but it is hindered by the blockades, our main goal is to raise awareness. The proceeds from this campaign will be entirely transfered to UNICEF.

Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lQ0Mkj9MwEVFHijkfhgk0BJQ3bTmskrr

Join the campaign : Bea Samu, samu.bea@hoptop.hu
Press Contact: Aniko Ali Rawech, e-mail: aniko.ali@hoptopbrewey.com, +36 30 388 7434

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